Climbing in Borneo

Climbing in Borneo
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Sandakan Wall Climbing Centre
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Berhala Island, Bolted climbing in Sabah

Berhala Island, Bolted climbing in Sabah
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Friday, July 17, 2009

Kids stuff

Getting the kids wall up was far less of a faff than assembling the Discovery panels though both jobs are now just about done.
Got to do a bit ot bolt tightening before any of this stuff can be climbed on but with luck we will be putting on holds within a few days.
Torrential rain has been causing some problems for us despite the fact that we have a roof, you see the clever designers thought that the walls should only be half height, meaning that any rain accompanied by so much as a light breeze gets blown into the climbing centre. Its a shambles.
So our lovely new centre is soon to have huge plastic sheets nailed up against its side. Maybe if it looks dreadful they will be shamed into fixing it before the VIP comes to open it.
The good thing about the rain is that it has provided the equivalent of a car skating rink outside the climbing centre for the appreciation of myself and Ed, got to watch out for the huge holes they keep digging though, that pesky skate park is needing a lot of work... (John the Texas Ranger can often be seen walking around, shaking his head and mumbling about Bali).

Watch this space for pictures of cars in ditches, construction glitches and Naz in stitches....

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  1. Looking good.
    Hope to have a play on it soon



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