Climbing in Borneo

Climbing in Borneo
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Sandakan Wall Climbing Centre

Sandakan Wall Climbing Centre
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Berhala Island, Bolted climbing in Sabah

Berhala Island, Bolted climbing in Sabah
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Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Still roofless and awaiting the floor to be finished, the climbing centre starts to take some kind of a shape at last.
We couldnt wait to get started, already three months later than planned the building construction project was hampered by rain and delays after delays mean that it is falling far behind schedule.
Installation of the climbing wall is technically complicated, its not rocket science but then climbing is never going to get popular in zero gravity....
Naz and Ronny now live in the rafters, oblivious to the burning sun, like two monkeys rescued from medical research that couldnt give up smoking. Torque wrenches and Hilti drills wielded like samurai swords.
Don Eduardo, the regal project manager and senior engineer (not to mention designer) calmly overseeing progress from ground level spends far too much time drawing on walls like a four-year old with a set of crayons. Mystical cave drawings will be discovered one day when the climbing wall gets dismantled. Maybe I should buy him a pen and paper.
Doz is the project chief sweat-producer, sloshing around the site, legs turning a vivid pink despite his scampering off to the shade at any opportunity.

The climbing centre is under way, every day brings more progress and more excitement for us all, keeping opening day in our sights is important as time ticks on by.
Watch this space for progress reports.......


  1. Not to mention my nice milky white legs getting mottled with burns from using a grinder with shorts on. i look like i have scurvey

  2. The above comment was by me (Doz)
    I have been joining Naz and Ronny helping with the rigging which has a nice breeze but just as sweaty. hanging around sweating all over to poor bugger that have to work below.
    While naz shouts AWAS ( danger) at all who wander directly under where we are working.
    not sure if he more concerned about them being hit by a falling krab or me sweating all over them.
    Things are taking shape rapidly and its a pleasure to help out and work with these guys.
    Only wish i could be here to see the finish and the grand opening.
    Got to go back to the UK soon. BOOOOOOOH


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